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About Capoeira Tokyo

Capoeira Tokyo is especially for those who have no experience in Capoeira. No worry to start new step, we are always a beginner at the beginning.

About Capoeira Tokyo

About Capoeira

Three Differences after Capoeira

Body beautiful


Gisele Bunshen, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Adriana Lima, exercise of Capoeira, which is also incorporated Brazilian model of Victoria’s Secret, makes a fat hard to the body to increase the basal metabolism. Capoeira, such as training while playing though is perfect to put the exercise habit.

Heart excited


Life is meant to enjoy. Are you excited with something recently? Do not become too much of an adult that is resistant to express yourself. When dancing with music and playing martial arts, you will feel adrenaline. Also, you will feel as if you are a part of the Capoeira circle with a passion. It may awaken a primitive part of your soul.

Mind flexible


Reform of the mind set, which has a power to alter everythings. Long time ago in capoeira history, it’s said to have been created among the slaves in Brazil, their mind set never beaten by bitterness and handicapped circumstances of labor because of the singing and dancing. It should be helpful for us to be a good role model for people today.

About Our Capoeira

Supporting your “want to do” & “want to be”


To firmly exercise your core muscle with our whole body movement, including body part that isn’t used in your daily life. These are basal metabolism up and diet effect, keeping the physical health with fitness. In addition, sweat releases your stress, learn the Latin positive mind to enjoy the heartfelt and laughter life, mental health affects your body health.

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Attractive body

With a wasp waist, lifted up bottom, six-pack abs. What would you think if you get these with some fun playing? Twist the body, kick and lift up your leg to move with escape motion, the movement of the Capoeira is one step closer to be a Brazilian attractive body.

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Many of people who have trained capoeira, has youthful body and mind. Enough momentum promotes the secretion of growth hormone, growth hormone is known to be effective at your anti-aging. We are to help take best advantage of its effect for you.

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Positive thinking

Do you regard Capoeira is just a sports or a martial arts? The most interesting part is its philosophy! Great capoeira player is neither a person who is flexible nor muscular, but who has a positive mindset to achieve the desire. The mindset also important elements for dieting, relationship with friends and your health.

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Friends in the world

Capoeira is still a minor in Japan, nevertheless it is very popular in other part of the world. Since many events are held in the world, there will be many opportunities to go to overseas in a year. Or even overseas instructors and capoeira lovers sometimes visit us to Japan. Let’s talk with a common language, capoeira and make a lot of friends all over the world.

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Passion is an important energy of all of the action. Intense excitement is waiting for in the capoeira circle. Music and dance combined, when the synchronous to frenzy around tension and martial arts, capoeira of the wheel in a primitive excitement that sleep in everyone will be in full swing. Completely reset within this time your head! It will have even forgotten that there was trouble

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Female Office worker


Access & Location

Venues and Map

the view of street to the entrance of building
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the entrance of B Studio



Miyamasuzaka Jikken studio, A Studio & B Studio

A Studio
Gloria Miyamasuzaka Ⅲ North 5th Floor

B Studio
Gloria Miyamasuzaka Ⅲ Basement


Price table of a Capoeira lesson

No admission fee or annual fee is required
1 class
Adults 1,000 yen
Students 500 yen
  • Capoeira Tokyo is a non-profit group
  • Organized by volunteers
  • The fees above are used for the rental studio or operating expenses of the group

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Capoeira Tokyo

Venue: Miyamasuzaka Jikken studio, Gloria Miyamasuzaka Ⅲ B1, 1-10-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

  • 050-5274-8202

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